Web 1.0 2.0 3.0 and the ComCom
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So How to make money from even small social networking and regardless ads?

  • 1) Make the owner /provider/host of the networking be a ComCom and its common shareholders be the members in the networking!
      • Also note that:
      • In ComCom you do not necessarily have to assume the number of common shareholders (the c), except for calculating the value (the t) of the company (where t=(c*v)/d and v is the value held by each common shareholder), but instead you must set the d of the ComCom.
      • This in return let you have
        • your networking be increased (with the increment of c as the membership in the networking is only-once-paid for the v in the ComCom, where v may still be constant)
        • with already stable structure (of ownership) of the company (less tremor of changing hands and more hands),
        • while having the (value of the) company together with the networking itself be fluently growing.
      • Being fluent is the exact feature causing/matching the important smoothness in the organic growth of your networking, or the one facilitating a rapid growth in the membership, while already being a self-sustaining-and-functioning-company even in the Long Tail of the social networking).
  • 2) Then increase the facilities of the networking with the investment coming form the common shareholders while focusing on their interest being The common interest in the networking.
  • 3) Once the common interest is established and it matches the (growing) facilities of the networking, locate in the common interest some legitimate additional products/services for sell to the clients of the ComCom:
    • Such products/services shall be resulted from the activities in the networking, such as: various contents authorized in various licenses, code production, participation/activities in games, contacts or any other social/sexual/political/personal benefits, including pure social activities of your common interest, when are demanding dynamic and organic organization with their commercial sustainability;
    • and Such clients may be either the common shareholders (being the members in the networking) having additionally also their benefit in the buying ( that maybe useful even just for increasing the c of your ComCom), or simply costumers of the products/service resulted from the activity in the networking.
  • 4) And so you are done when the common interest is attractive enough for producing by the activity in the networking some products/service valuable for some buyers.

The rest is just a matter of some adjustments, but also note that t /v is proportional to c/d, which could make your exit strategy just fine and/or the possibility to invite investors to be private shareholders planning their exit to be just-fine-too.

Shortly, your network or any interconnected group or system you are involved with can now, as a ComCom, be fluently growing, self-sustaining and functioning just like a company. This we believe would give power to your networking and to you in that network, or to the people in the commercial world.

For more about making such networking please follow our company notes.

Web1.0 Web2.0 Web3.0 and ComCom:

The Web2.0 vs the Web1.0 reflects more of our social development than of our technological one and so is the development toward the forms of ComCom, but not of the one which nowadays is called the Web3.0.

The technological development of increasing computing power (of integration/syndication) is of challenging & creating & matching
the personal demand for information in Web1.0; the social demand for openness & bidirectionality of information in Web2.0; and the commercial demand for adding 3rd direction from/to any centralized maintains of information in Web3.0.

But the integration/syndication of our social together with our commercial demands are establishable in forms of ComCom for any farther technological development…
ComCom vs private companies via the internet

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