The 4 initial groups in the networking

For us, the shareholders in IsWith: Those who produce the power belong to our target market and to our target shareholders as they are the artists, the developers, and/or the researchers. We hope that you, as a content producer able to claim your intellectual properties rights, are (also) able to find yourself in one or more of those three categories. Are you?

We have 4 initial groups: the g0 g1 g2 and g3 and together with YOU This free networking have worthy contents, since Your Intellectual Properties Rights over Your Shared posted Contents are licensed, either when are posted by this networking to the public (having its own g0 group) or when are kept in this networking, while the networking serves you all the way until and within your earning money from your exclusive and/or contributed property.

After registering here and for free you (in g1) can assign any content you post and/or Yourself for approval in one or more such Organic Groups, where the approval is made (automatically or not) by the admin/creator of the group, which is also one of the shareholders in IsWith (in g2).

Each such Group (siting in level 0 of the Pass) is a collector for users subscribing to it, if the users are approved and each such Group, along with the Public, is also an optional target Audience of any content being posted by users, when the visibility of the Group is defined by its admin. Hence collectively such Groups are a tool for managing the networking of the subscribed users, specifically in correlation to each of their posted contents.

Shareholders in IsWith, already being admins of such Groups, may also become, under periodical payment, clients of IsWith, in which case (in g3) they are able to create Products for sell in this networking.

Now, when having their sells, such Groups may grow to their mature state being of Common companies.

(As you can see) The business module of Common companies in general is of a bottom-top texture leading to Decentralizing of Human Systems and is useful for achieving responsibility bind with benefit of those who produce the power.

This networking has, with YOU, worthy contents, since Your Intellectual Properties Rights over Your Shared Content are kept in the networking.

For This FREE Registration, you instantly become part of social networking based on content and made of Organic Groups, which are able eventually to become Common Companies integrated in the networking focusing in facilitation of caring for the Intellectual Properties Rights of the contributers.

When, in a specific Path, you produce content, you own it, license it and post it to various publishing tags, while defining the access to it for special groups of audience of which one is the public and to which you post it as a member, so then other users or visitors from the public in consideration of your authorization can be connected to you via your posted contents.

User can also subscribe to groups being created by other users, waiting for their permission. The access to (who are the Audience) together with other features of each of the contents are specified independently per each of the groups and in each group subscribes have additional independent facility, such as colander events project etc.

For more see this help or handbook or tips

The development of Common Companies, when is dynamically integrated in the networking of Organic Groups, enables reaching a very complex and adjust structure of organization of which components are Common Companies bind together by holding shares, each of the other, such that the match of contributors to be measured equally (as common shareholders) in each component (being a common company) is diversified in the organization as a whole. In each of such organizations, due to the decentralization of the Common Companies, the distinction between the three: the shareholders, the employs and the clients, can be diversified and be maintained fully, partly or completely avoided.

Our mission is providing you with the Social networking made of organic groups for such purposes, and our strength is of the value of the content, as it is embodied in, and as it is growing from, the care for the Intellectual Properties Rights of the contributers having their content in this networking.

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