Stop Corruption

Stop corruption by joining Equally Owned Membership . e.o.m.

If the unit stinks from the Corruption inside it, you could without finding the source of the smell simply to live it together with your return for your investment in it and just by that make its value to be reduced, so that the next currption there would be less benfting the criminal who make it.

The ComComism (especially due to its both asymmetric ) is useful and suitable for Active & Dynamic Protection against Corruption and/or being Takeover and for building a pure grass-root movement.

Think for a moment of us the many as c-holders but also as rings in a chain providing a certain level of security.

ComComsim allows strengthening the chain by having many equal and small rings (being the c-holders) in it, so that the level of the weakest among the rings is made stronger while better hiding the weakest among them (being all "equal") and so, since for each such c-holder, functioning as such ring, it is easier to exit the chain than to enter it, these c-holders must more be kept satisfied (unlike soldiers bind by other forces to their tasks).

Hence the many equal and small c-holders functioning as rings in a chain of dependencies can better work toward theirown satisfaction when using their comcomized unit.

see one good e.g. for why should you stop corruption here
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