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How to do ComCom:

for more see these 6 points
Is ComCom structuring of a business a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme?
Elevator pitch: It is a tool for raising capital, but also activity, loyalty and the friend bring friend as in networking. It is also a very nice brand nowadays linking trust with ownership, correlating with the raise of obama and the mistrust in the capitalism doctrine. Finally it is specially good for start-ups and for the huge temporal intervention of the government for those in need, when the government is p-holder in GovComCom, of which c-holders are those who are in need, hence when finally the intervention withdraw, still those who are in need would hold it as its c-holder.

Formula: $i*d=n*c$, where
$i$ is the number of shares of the company, $d$ between $0$ and $1$ is the ratio of the portion of share belonging only to c-holders, of which number is $c$, and of which each holds exactly $n$ number of shares, where $d$ is unchanged in the lifetime of the ComCom, of which $d>0$.

There are 2 type of shareholders in any ComCom: the c-holders and the p-holders. Each p-holder may hold any number of shares but only from the portion which is not defined for all the c-holders. Any of the shareholders is either a p-holder or a c-holder, never both. Each p-holder is one person or company and each c-holder is one person or ComCom.

Virtual Facebook Example:
Here we are as facebook users getting all which we get, but not owning facebook. Also, facebook has its businesses dealing with adds and also taking some of our privacy. So, what if the users of face book are c-holder in facebook? Let's say that the $d$ in this case is $d=0.5$, it means that all the users together have $50%$ of facebook and that we could make profit from and take decision about facebook as shareholder in facebook. In this case would we make more of and more for facebook? Also in this case, no one could takeover facebook from us, so we could really invest more in it.

Now imagine that facebook also has its competitor, say google my space etc, wouldn't facebook be better home for its user, attracting more users (also since we the c-holder users) , while we are calling the others (just because we are owner of facebook) ?

What to do with ComCom:

The interaction around the GovComCom This is urgent, it is politcal in its nature, but it is global issue - the issue of the intervention of governments for the rescue of the needy, as an strategy of which the exit is to privatised the failure businesses after eating the tax payer money. The question is this: Why the needy would not be the c-holder in the exit strategy of the gov? It is unguent NOW for you to find the ways to let your leader to know about GovComCom!!! obama would like to know it, would you be the one, the first one, to tell it to obama or your leader out of usa (we are all in this are we not)?

Helping People To Have Their Saving In Order, How?

In House Out Sourced
Get Organized For A Cause
Open source developers can own the ComCom business having the openness they desire in their development

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