Quick Comcom Social Networking - more of ownership - less of donation and in a constant start-up's mood

NEW: the ComCom-socail-1 is finally working and you can join us now.

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Join here for becoming one of the first 5500 ComComists initiating worldwide the comcomism (see here how we do it and here see why)

The ComCom Social (or the Social Networking for individuals and their ComComs of which provider is in itself a ComCom) lets its members be organized more on a base of common ownership and responsibility and less on a base of donation or looking for sponsor/investor but still while being in a constant start-up's mood, because any where you could ask for donation, for rewarding your preferred clients and/or for cooperation of various kind, you could also be asking for investment of c-holders in the assets1 of that project/business/campaign/cause. ComCom-Social is for you

  • if you are one who makes a change in our reality, but which also care for being protected from hostile taking over her/his work, hence if you are
    • Activist;
    • Artist;
    • Developer;
    • Researcher;
  • or if you are
    • Investor wishing to contribute and benefit but not to overtake;
    • Entrepreneur wishing to minimise risk and cost;
    • Politician wishing to promote the GovComCom;
  • or simply One caring for decentralizing the wealth (i.e. strengthening the middle class) as means for overcoming human crisis in general.
  • In other words:
    • If you care for protection against being taken over,
    • if you look for minimizing spending,
    • if you think to make your (social) networking, such that it would work for you because you are a shareholder of its provider
  • and/or
    • if you (like obama) wish to stop big-cooperations from being able to become too big to fall , because as such they are too risky to the economy and because they are still growing while sucking the tax payer money and doing that not only in USA but all over the globe and because such cooperation can/could grow only by one building block, which is the pattern of first takeover for handing it over to the richer ones, while packing it together with other alike,
  • then try ComCom social (because the inability to takeover ComCom).

We are also active as group in Linkedin, freindfeed , facebook or Organizing_For_America.

(as facebook nowadays only earn $2 per YEAR per each of its users) What if facebook is ComComized and its users are its c-holders?
(Is something not clear? Try this terms and detentions and the ComComIsm with our arguments.)
see also http://iswith.info/i/admin/-c-/page/comcom-social and http://iswith.wikidot.com/own-me

ComCom Social is the next big thing in the social networking market, why?

Because it lets its members producing unique content, such members as the activists, artists, developers and/or researchers, together named here the power producers, be also the power owners (i.e. the shareholders) of the company owning the networking channeling their works (think of it like this: How many of us are members using social networkings and how many of us own it? Since only the owners could benefit from its increasing worth due to the increase of such use!)

and so, ComCom Social lets You (still) own what You share in it;

Because it lets such businesses (as ComCom Social) to grow from their members naturally sharing its ownership, while still being attractive for investors, rather than still being exhausted from attempting to attract ads, which their member and/or their guests might somewhat suffer (and/or even be annoyed from the spying and spamming attached with such ads).

ComCom are Community like companies, but still able to attract investors and without giving away control;

Because its structure fits to close-source, open-source, the Web2.0 AND the social-networkings strategies while providing an answer for making money from your contribution in the long tail, if you are an artist, a developer, a researcher, an activist and/or a social/spiritual warrior.

All what it takes is some friends-in-your-networking sharing small amount of resources for opening and initiating your-and-their company to be used for your common needs and one formula: The $t*d=v*c$, which determines the structure of such company allowing the new type of owners being the Common shareholders.

Discussion@Left Liberals@su Is ComComism the new 3rd way?

thanks to the topic "I read it again and I don't quite get it, so…" taken from Make More For Better Distribution of Wealth By Means of ComCom and GovComCom

1st_You wroteon December 6, 2008 at 1:38am
Please let others know and ask about ComCom, by simply asking under this topic, so that also the others would know about it. Here we would try to explain the "what and why" for that thing named comcom, so that "all laymen and laywomen can understand it without having to own lots of knowledge of economics".

This was staring as a comment on my wall-to-wall:

3rd_You at 11:03am December 5
1st_You, I am not ignoring you It;s just I don't have a comment. I read what you have said about it & I read it again and I don't quite get it so I don't have a comment hun, sorry but I should have said so and for that I am sorry. I apologize to you for not explaining to you :o. Sorry 1st_You. xo

1st_You at 9:18pm December 5
3rd_You thanks.
thanks for reading it, please just put the link for that it.

Here It is 3 points, please let me know for each point if you understand /agree-with it:

1. ComCom is normal company, except of the fact it has in itself a fixed portion for equal ownership for many as desired with the other other portion for non equal ownership.

2. Any… Read More company which is ComCom in its activity and in interaction with it makes better distribution of wealth, just because it has the fixed portion for equal ownership.

3. The problems we face are because of the gap between the rich and the poor, that is the bad distribution of wealth, which can be solved by having more ComCom in the market, since such rich could never takeover the whole of any such ComCom.

Then in private emailing it continued like this:
1st_You December 5 at 9:34pm

please look for the comment of 3rd_you in my wall about my cause, i hope to convince better for my cause

2nd_You December 5 at 10:54pm

I'll do that… :)
Dear 1st_You, I had a bit the same feeling as 3rd_you. I didn't quite understand how ComCom really works and what is its meaning. In what respect it deviates from socialist, communist and cooperative ideologies and organizations? You tell that the point is not collective but individually shared ownership (did I understand it right?). It all is very complicated to me. I remember there has been several years ago here in Finland efforts to build new kind of banks working on similar basis as your ideal ComCom system is supposed to work. But they had drained out.

I suggest that you formulate your theses more clearly and simply so that all laymen and laywomen can understand them without having to own lots of knowledge of economics. I am a humanist who knows nothing of economical stuff (I can pay my bills fortunately). But your idea sounds good and worth develop more to get more attention from folks.

All the best my dear friend! I hope you got more power from my critiques. I have no meaning to depress you!!! Never, you are a lovable young man!!!
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1st_You Today at 12:03am

Dear 2nd_You thanks,

I wish to just cut and past this email to my wall and make wall to wall comment on my wall please let's do it that way.

You are right i do need to make it simpler and clearer.
The way to do it is by such reaction as we now make.
I want to make this reaction open so it can become clear also for others and also for that they would see the reaction and ask for more.
For such open reaction i made the group and cause in facebook .

Now, let me try to make it simple.
Here we are in facebook users which get all which we get but not own facebook. Also facebook has its businesses dealing with adds and also taking some of our privacy.
So, what if the users of face book are c-holder in facebook?
let's say that the d in this case is d=0.5, it means that all the users together have 50% of facebook and that we could make profit from and take decision about facebook as shareholder in facebook.

Iin this case would we make more of and more for facebook?
also in this case, no one could takeover facebook, so we could really invest more in it.

Now imagine that facebook also has its competitor, say google my space etc, wouldn't facebook be better home for its user attracting more users (also since we from here -the c-holder users) are calling them (just because we are owner of facebook) if it is comcom of which d=0.5?

ok, just let me know how you would want this conversation to be public in facebook.

All the best
Be and Have
Good Time Good Luck

2nd_You Today at 12:24am

OK, I got it now. I am afraid however that there will be inner competition between the FB holders - we humans are just like that. Or what would you say all the applications where we are asked to put OUR FRIENDS IN ORDER from less best to the super best, from hot to the hottest etc. What if we are going to evaluate each other according to how much we each are doing for the hypothetical FB? I have never worked in a group which is wholly and totally democratic, in which all members do exactly the same share of the whole pot.

You see I am a little skeptical. - You may make my comments public if you think so. And remember, I do support you. There is a very good point in the general idea and ideology. (I personally don't want to get profit from something I'm doing for fun - like being in Facebook. LOL)

Have a wonderful evening dear friend!

1st_You Today at 12:45am

Thanks again,
i am posting it for letting the others to enjoy it as i do.

As for the fear from power of the mass, well, i could not help that, but i can say democracy is based on equal decision and in comcom you also get out by selling your share if you can sell it in the price u asked for, and that is not as in any state.

As for inner competition between the c-holders "unlike the private owners , the c-holders can not benefit one from the failure of the other, hence between common owners a kind of brotherhood is formed so that I can only be "My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper".
(from http://iswith.wikidot.com/)

As for any practical problem to solve including fbi or naughty and so all those yes or no and yes and no, well :) funny you touch me in my sensitive point. You see i devlopet techonlogy which i do not want fbi to use and i came to comcomize any thing because i believe that mass of owners could do much better in protecting their property, e.g. also by their political power.

ok, i am now putting all this in the wall
Thanks, really really thanks
Be and Have Good Time Good Luck

2nd_You Today at 1:08am

Oh yes, I forgot the slogan I can only be my brother's or sister's keeper. That's a great idea. I think you might stress it more.

I see you are a great idealist and that is wonderful. People become so easy cynical and skeptical in front of the big problems we all have. We need people like you, strong and convinced but warm hearted and loving men and women. Heehoo!!!!!

Post #2
2nd_You wroteon December 6, 2008 at 2:02am
And now I'm going to join ComCom. Bye!!!

Post #3
You wroteon December 6, 2008 at 3:47am
just one thing, this comcom thing is not about me, it is, as you heard before, about you, ok you and me, it is about we, but, well even that is not enough it is also about them, we need to let them know, you know, do not we :) ?

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