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Join here for becoming one of the first 5500 ComComists initiating worldwide the comcomism (see here how we do it and here see why)

Please Check if you agree with our arguments for drawing the following conclusions:

Shouldn't more human be involve in defining what the competition is about? because if so, then ComCom is the way to make it happened.

The Capitalism in its purity if ever was is now dead, but when it was leaving its reason was that computation purify the product/service and so we gut stronger bigger cars, but do we need such cars? Does the wining in competition is the only grantee for better quality?

Related to the news of the Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi Scam: Is ComCom structuring of a business a fund of hedge funds/Ponzi/Pyramid scheme?

Table of Contents

Your trust and your ownership:

How to stand up against denial and (self) deception, when you are seeking more cooperating and less cheating in your partnership?

Own, that is the only way you could trust!

Trust yourself first (and only as such let any specialist to reach you) and then trust no one unless where you have your ownership already been related with that one!

When you own, own equally, so that your trust can be developed in a mutual manner!

That is all! That is because, if cheats can prosper, but only when the other side isn't cheating as well, then have the other side in your ownership be equal to you, for minimizing (the lasting of) mutual cheating on the account of any of you.

Economy or your prosperity is depended mostly and firstly on trust. Trust developed in a mutual manner is easier to last more and to get more expanded between equal owners!

The Problem with human is that under their influence nothing could survive without first been owned, so, as sad as it sounds, please, seek for both: the owner names and your ownership in such list.

Trust and ownership are not only bind in the core of our human perception, their correlation is also sound, since at any given moment any owner could break away, hence as long the owner still own, the owner still trust.

Integrated with any of your other practices, ComComizing more let you gain more entry points for practicing your ownership. ComCom (Common Company/ies) is a solution for (a balanced) ownership raised from bottom-up, meaning any of us - including you - can create/own ComCom. All what it takes for realizing ComCom is to understand and agree with this 6 points agreement.

Click here for to grasp in a-3-minutes-look the concept of ComCom, please try it now.

Please prefer your (equal) ownership over making or receiving donation and charity out of any philanthropy or other types of favors, they might be found as a cover up for frauds.

Please prefer your (equal) ownership also for your social and natural rights.

This Crisis of trust could be overcome only by massive and equal ownership!

Welcome to the official collection of the IsWith public documentation (- the IsWith's works).

Use this forum+mailing list for to ACT.
You may also want to visit our social ComCom networking and our projects framework there.
If you find this interesting enough please let the others know (about) it and put a link to here, thanks.

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Oh YE! We did it (we - the obama movement, not the man obama, remember?) and that was only the beginning, that was only politics and only about the political powers, but Now, We the people, we can do the same in the economical/commercial world.
Yes we can
as long as while we step we reduce alienation. That is, being more inclusive!

In a single sentence (for more see this FAQ and the full definition of ComCom in only 6 points): ComCom, just as any other Company is such of which market value (the value of all its shares or its Total) is affected from the market forces, but unlike the others, its inner structure of ownership allows a new type of owners being its Common shareholders, all of which, unalike its Private shareholders, always share equal number of shares while equally sharing its fixed Common shareholding, hence

  • other such ComCom but also its customers, employees and/or contractors can massively transparently and smoothly become its (common) shareholders in addition to their usual function/status, while increasing its market and cutting its expenses
    • and still leaving a fixed portion of itself to be held by private shareholders hence keeping an open door to investors, entrepreneurs, non-ComCom companies and/or governments' agencies (for their non equal holding),
  • but never allowing itself for overtaking, since its Common shareholding having its fix portion is constantly protected from being held by any private shareholder, where
  • the integration of several such ComCom can be easily structured in many layers of ComCom being private or common shareholder/s in other ComCom and in correlation to the functionality of the Common Shareholders in such ComCom,
  • all together providing a very powerful bottom-up net of companies directly belonging the grassroots.

Even though ComCom is only structured as a commercial organization, it has its social and even political aspects. One of which aspects is the GovComCom, of which some private shareholders may become the government agencies and of which common shareholders are those in need which are approved by the voters, hence in and after the exit strategy of the government that is, even after the GovComCom turned to be ComCom, the organization can never be takeover by the private sector. This seems a perfect solution for the current crisis marking the return from the peek of privatization back to nationalization with increasing the chances of corruption and centralization comprised also of its aggressive intelligent, police and defenses forces.

In this crisis (and yes, we are ready, since we knew such crisis must come), we need you and we can help you!!! Oh Yes and welcome to the 21th century, a must become century of bottom-up growth, if only because we as global are too big to be manged by so few. So, as we would have obama in the office, or as we would catastrophically not have him there, we still must go on building our bottom-up growth and that is all what ComComizing is about, since it situates you with us as owners in any growth.

By combining both types of its owners: the private and the common, the structure of ComCom allows gaining advantages in

  • raising its capital,
  • cutting its expenses,
  • increasing its market and
  • having better loyalty of its clients.

Furthermore, its structure is designed for increasing the middle class's power and the collaboration of its common owners, which unlike the private owners can not benefit one from the failure of the other, hence between common owners a kind of brotherhood is formed so that I can only be "My Brother’s/Sister’s Keeper".

For (the private) investor investing in it, the only disadvantage is her/his inability to takeover it, while still having the advantage of gaining profit from it and be related (and less alienated) with the common owners' brotherhood. And as for its common owners, of which each has only equal share, it allows each such owner, just like in a stock market, also to exit with taking her/his share, whenever the one wish and have a buyer (so that kind of brotherhood must constantly be attractive), hence it allows the common owners to have their share in a shared ownership, as opposed to be in a collective ownership.

Always having the potential of the act to exit together with the owned share is the test for ownership over property.

And so, the ComCom's structure completely differs from communization, socialization, nationalization, associations of their kind, or web2.0 open-source/free-software etc, as those are all based only on the collective ownership, hence failing in this test of ownership over property, whereas and the ComCom's structure pass it, even when it comes merely to its common owners, by allowing them to have their share in a shared ownership.

ComCom is a structural solution for any business letting you be the owner in anyway you would interface with such business.

In its structure ComCom lets you having the benefit bind with the accountability you normally would only passively observe and charge from the others.

So, you never again should believe the ones mainly asking you trusting them (again), instead when interacting with ComCom you now can seek for your own ownership in anything you do, act, create, contribute, working-for and/or buying from. Don't only ask for or only demand the change, instead own the change you believe in, because always, if you are the owner, your leader (being the CEO) is there only to serve you.

ComCom structure best fits to solve nowadays problems of creating and meatiness of variety of Start-Ups' jobs, since it can help in investing, increasing market and cut of expenses.

If you are investor, entrepreneur, developer, artist and/or researcher, or if you can be working a couple of evenings a week for a couple of dollars, please Contact us for more!

Here is a 4*3 table specifying what ComComzing may solve:

Type of solution: Type of problem- How ComComizing solve it- Other conditions to satisfy - Expected result -
Per each individual case of ComCom: Constraints in its concerns. Those are its constraints in front of its concerns being any with which it is to make its business, including its customers, investors, supplier and/or employees By letting its concerns in relation to their function be its common shareholders for adding their activities with which it is to interact, while offsetting the price they are to charge or pay and with the bonus of them being more loyal and more bringing their friends. The agreement establishing ComCom. Easing its constraints and yet strengthening its concerns bound, while increasing its market/investment and/or reducing its expenses
Systemically: Worsen distribution of wealth caused by the market's pattern of the exit strategy of enfolding by investors, which first must completely takeover for latter in a higher price completely handing over the company to the richer who could pay for it By the fact that no one can completely takeover any ComCom. none Decentralization of the economical/political powers when better distribution of wealth is reached, so that more of the market is of ComCom, of which $d$ and $c$ are bigger better is the distribution.
Politically: The current economical crisis as it is already reaching nationalization By letting the emerged nationalization be better sound to the voters, when letting the common shareholders in GovComCom be 1) determinate in regulated transparency in front of the voters and 2) holding their shares even after the privatization expected later Politicians understanding ComComizing winning in economical issues

for more please see our FAQ or use this contact for asking other questions (which might be included in the FAQ)

By more interacting with more ComCom, any one of us can cause neutralizing the players causing us the problems we face, those players who could make such crimes. We can and must never let ourselves be dragged to that again. Please play this video (of the 60 minutes) for understanding more,

this video only brings you to the beginning of understanding the crime we all just let happened, meaning the crime of trusting the big ones, meaning trusting the global centralisation.

Some ground for the arguments for the old capitalism (max exploitation by risk for profit), the old socialism (max fairness) and the ComComism (well integration):

Clearly, at any moment each and any (thing) of us is, one from the other, different and for any of our long term of flowing successes we also must share some equality. Both, being different (for some aspects) and also being equal (for some other aspects), are constantly essential in any healthy aspect of our living (integrating both type of aspects) and any aspect of the economy is no exception of that.
Though it is well argued that competition is essential for the growth of any economy, which certainly implies to some extend to endorse un-equality, it must also endorse equality between owners (acting as seller/buyer) in the conditions enabling benefit from such competitions, otherwise the frame of competitions alone would reduce from the sight, opportunities and activities of the economy. Moreover, the economy in each of its aspects is a system based on knowledge grounded in trust (for localizing any relevancy of its aspects), but cyclically it allows bubbles based on some being over bold, that is being very much not-equal compared with the others, and on over trust upon the bold ones, which can only be based on temporal state/s, but tends to be projected much beyond those state/s and hence be hooked upon illusions about the over estimated power of the bold ones.
The equality in such systems based on knowledge grounded in trust causes an offset to the force (of over-trust) creating the bubbles, since any system based on non-equality allows one to earn from the non earning of the other, unlike in any system based on equality, which is the reason why always information, where the equality between the individuals is established, flow more freely (as it is more reasonably trustable ) than in systems based on non-equality. In our daily living, many systems in which equality is established can be found: Such are our families and friendship and any public knowledge, public information (internet), shared values and/or public or shared properties. The Creative Common (CC), open-source, free-software and/or web2.0 movements, providing so many "things" so essential in our living, could never emerge in systems establishing only non-equality between the individuals.

Conclusion: For naturalizing the trembles of the bubbles cycles and because of the above reasons, it is in the interest of any company and of any economy to establish equality in ownership integrated with, and yet well distinct from, another ownership established in non-equality and that is exactly what ComComizing does.

You hear them saying We've got fundamental problems in the system, well, in this they are right.

The System is mainly comprised of powerful companies locking all public and any government and the companies are failure.

Now is the time. It's Your time and it's the system, stupid, decentralize it!

Please let any one know it, at least this is a thing you can do right now!

Contact and have more

History and relevancy.

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