The mission of IsWith LTD is developing the ComCom market
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Click me, if you did not yet see how to become a common shareholder in IsWith and now, could you imagine the Social-networkings themselves in a financial form of companies structured for allowing their members to be also their shareholders? It is now made possible by simply distinguishing between 2 type of shareholders: The one (the Common) is for the members and the other (the Private) is for the investors in Common Companies - the ComCom. ComCom is the next step in the social networking market !

Welcome to IsWith networking for ComCom and individuals!

  • And so, since all ComCom descriptions are licensed and authorized only with (commercial/non-commercial) attribution to here, you now may find that sooner or latter it would be a good thing for YOU to become a Common Shareholder in IsWith LTD (especially as the worth of such holding is increasing with any entry of additional such 55 shareholders, so that after you gut into IsWith you could benefit from bringing your friends with you. Well, that is what we consider to happen sooner or latter).
  • Let's make some ComCom (together), that is all the purpose of IsWith! It might be also your purpose since ComCom is the Business module for WEB 2.0 together with making money out of it ( in its growing and regardless ads and/or big players + EXIT )! In other words ComCom is a structural solution for businesses targeting the web2.0, specifically the long tail in the social networking and generally the market consisting of artists developers and researchers!
  • This ComCom networking is now build for allowing not only the technological infrastructure for content based deals in the networking, but also for the commercial one, since the ComCom is the natural mature state of OG (Organic Groups) developed around such content!
  • You can Take your hold in the companies producing their benefit in the market out of your knowledges, talents, activities and/or consuming, if you cooperate with those accepting the one formula (the decentralization formula:$t*d=v*c$), establishing the ComCom!
  • Web 3.0 is no more than a new toll for centralizing the Web2.0 and Web2.0 is all about decentralization, but still the question remains: How much of the web2.0 is Real in your living and how could you earn more out of the web2.0, if the centralization of information is Decreased, but the the centralization of the market is Increased in the last decade of globalization?
  • How about ComCom as a new concept of companies challenging the sickness of the nowadays capitalism, or do you want to change the world and also make from that money, are you about making your community/ies AND making your own money with it ?
  • Everywhere - the artists, developers and/or researchers are the real producers of the power (of/upon the people). As one of those power producers you may find here a very valuable information.
  • We hope you want to Make A Difference in this world together with making your profit from that, because here you can, since always shareholders (power owners) are above the highest-ranking corporate officer being CEO (power holder)! We also hope you would become a common shareholder in IsWith LTD providing this service (for more see g2).
  • Make the companies you are interfacing with be yours, also make IsWith be yours and make it yours only where responsibility is bound with benefit. After all, where centralization can never be sated, there it becomes the mother of all corruptions and decentralization is the most urgent thing to do.Welcome again!

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