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This business plan and the structure IS ONLY an example given for an imaginary company named here IsWith LTD

and as such it is given as a show case for How to Make Your Company be a ComCom one.

Its general aspects:

  • Its mission:
    • Boost and support for the development of Common Companies versus the Private ones, by providing low-cost or free social networking made of organic groups of individuals and common companies together with additional surrounding paid services provided to the common companies (for which IsWith acts as an agent). This includes services provided by 3rd parties with commission to IsWith. Such services are to be provided only to common companies of which d=1 or of which private shareholders are common shareholders in IsWith.
    • Its current value:
The factor its value description
t 100 pounds t is the Total value of the company,being the projected value of all shares of the company.
i 10,000 i is the number of all Issued shares.
s = t/i 0.01 pounds s is the Share price, being the projected value of 1 share.

Its structure:

  • IsWith LTD is currently a private company intending to become a common one.
  • In this company, Ics is one shareholder intending to become a Common Shareholder, when the company becomes a common one,
    • where always:
The factor description
t*d=v*c t*d always must be equal to v*c and is the value of the common portion of the company, only then the distribution of shares may be considered,reflecting the t being the projected value of the company.
c c is the number of Ics, of which each holds the projected value v.
v=n*s v ( calculated in pounds) is the value held by each Ics.
n n is the number of shares held by one such shareholder.
s s is the price (in pounds) of one share.
  • where initially, when c=1, t=100 and t*d=v*c=5 pounds:
The factor its value starts with
d = (v*c)/t, the decentralization factor of the company 0.05 (5%)
s, the price (in pounds) of 1 share in the company 0.01 pounds
n, the number of shares held by each Ics 500
v = s * n, the value held by each Ics 5 pounds
  • and where constantly, with each entry of one additional Ics and in each of the cycles in both first phases of the company, but not in between the cycles
The factor is changed to
v is unchanged
n is reset to n*(c/c(c+1)), but when n = 1, then n is reset to n*50, i is reset to i*50 and s is reset to s/50
s is reset to s*(c+1)/c
t is reset to t*(c+1)/c
then c is increased by 1

Its business plan:

  • Yet regardless service and regardless any relation between being Ics and being client, while concerning the service of OG (Organic Groups) for free with the fund raising (raising money) and distribution aspects aiming the Fund-Raising (capital) of 136,125 pounds in 90 cycles,
    • as Fund-Raising = (v(first_cycle)*c(first_cycle)+ v(last_cycle)*c_increment)n_cycles/2 = (55*5+55*50)*45=(5+50)*55*45.

In Phase 1:

  • No Private shares may be offered for sell to any Private shareholder.
  • Each new cycle starts with the increase of c by 55, where in between such cycles, 0.5% of the company are redistributed from the private portion of the company to its common portion and in between its Ics,
  • such that:
The factor is changed to
v is reset to v * (d + 0.005) / d )
n is reset to n * (d + 0.005) / d )
then d is reset to d + 0.005
and s is unchanged
  • and such that:
The factor in the first_cycle in the last_cycle in between each of the 90 cycles
s - Share price is increased is increased is unchanged
n - Number of shares held by Ics is decreased is decreased n is multiplied by ((d+0.005)/d)
v - Value in pounds held by Ics 5 pounds 50 pounds v is increased by 0.50 pounds
d - Decentralization of the company 0.05 (5%) 0.505(50.5%) d is increased by 0.005(0.5%)
c - number of Ics, is increased by 55 in each cycle 55 4950 c is unchanged in bewteen the cycles
  • Note the increase of v in between the cycles, of which each is defined by increase of 55 new Ics, which allows the benefit for current Ics in attracting new such Ics. That is made for faster accomplishing phase 1 with c = 4950, hence ""the earlier you get in the less you invest and the more you earn".
  • where Phase 1 is to terminate, when
The factor Its value reaches
c 4950
v 50 pounds
d 0.505(50.5%)
t=(v*c)/d 490,099 pounds
raising fund (or capital) of 136,125 pounds

In Phase 2:

  • Only maximum of i/(1-0.80) Private shares may be offered for sell to new Private shareholders.
  • Each new cycle starts with the increase of c by 100, where:
The factor is changed to
v is reset to v * (1 + 0.0025/d)
n is reset to n * (1 + 0.0025/d)
then d is reset to d + 0.0025
and s is unchanged
  • Phase 2 is to terminate, either upon shareholders decision as long as d is smaller than 0.80,

or when d = 0.80,
and in the termination of this Phase, the compny becomes common one,
as its d is set, such that its d can never again be re-set.

In Phase 3:

  • the company is common one and acts as a common one, as each of Ics is already its Common shareholder.

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