Get Into IsWith - the HowTo
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Get Into IsWith - the HowTo

For better understanding the $d$,$v$,$c$ and $t=(v*c)/d$, please see the 6 points defining ComCom

The mission of IsWith LTD - London is developing the market of ComCom.
Its target market consists of those who require/create information around ComCom.
Its services are provided either for free or only to its shareholders being already members in its networking.
Itself is (still) a private company (but already) intended to become a ComCom and for this we now invite you to become its shareholder. This is how we do it:
  • We weekly issue rounds, per each of which we allow entry of only $55$ Intended Common Shareholders (Ics) being shareholders intended to become common shareholders,
  • where each Ics pays $v$ dollars in return for holding $d/c$ of the company and where all Ics amount together to $c$,
    • as $v$ starts with $10 and increases in each round by $1 until reaching $100,
      • (and in parallel $d$ starts with $0.05$ and is increased by $0.005$ until reaching $$0.505$),
    • until then, when still $d < 0.505$, no private shareholders could join the company (although cooperations with 3rd parties are still possible);
  • and from then, that is when $0.505 <= d$,
    • as long as still $d < 0.8$ and under the decision of all its shareholders to form itself as ComCom,
    • or otherwise exactly when $d = 0.8$, even if this decision is not yet made,
      • the company becomes ComCom and the Ics become its Common shareholders.

For more about this calculation please also see the profile of the company.

The services under payment (additional to $v$) which are provided by IsWith LTD are given to its clients only if they are also its shareholders and are:

  1. Changing the licensing of its works from non-commercial to commercial ones (but always with attribution to the networking);
  2. Consulting around building ComCom;
  3. Allowing in its networking to groups developed in the networking, or to individuals upon theirs works, to require payment.

** subscribing to the Ics-pending Group**

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