History And Relevancy
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Here we were anticipating the crisis we all now witness. We already then knew that the problem is over financial centralization in contrast to the systematical reduction of power of any state however such state is democratic. We concluded this according to the inability of the main stream in the system to digest the relevant information required for understanding its development. We concluded that by relying upon the assumption that any hierarchy may function well, but only when its tasks are well defined in a well specified time line and time frame, never globally and never endlessly, hence unlike the new world order wrongly named globalization (of which the central political power is USA and the central global power is the international commercial power held by the few).

What we saw controlling us all was and still continues to be so behaves as a closed ring in action, that is to say when few control others but act between themselves, such that even when one unacceptably hurts the other (eg. one kills the daughter of the other), the other would never request assistance from whoever is out of the ring (eg. the public or authorities of any law). Accordingly the information available in the public (and out that ring) would always be kept misleading (avoiding accountability of the few and the fact that the distribution of wealth is worsen, while the power of the middle class is systematically reduced with increasing privatization handing over assets to the stock market benefiting mainly the same few). Such long term mismanagement of information, when constantly having its double face: one to the public and the other to the ring, can only be resulted such that the whole hierarchical system (being controlled by the few in the ring having the most) would constantly be enchanted in self deception and far from even asking for the information relevant for the system to survive. (The first eg. for such self deception we saw in avoiding the free-fall-speed argument when dealing with any issue related to 9/11, other is this: would you loan me $10 if i already owe $330? and what if i am so big as the investment banks having the same ratio but in trillion of dollars instead of $1, would you still loan them in such case or would you at least first demand to know this ratio, would you demand your representatives to make your regulators to know this ratio and if they knew to put them in charge on not having any consideration for the cases you and other like you would just like this - stop loaning to those so much big institutes? and other such eg. are all the lobbies related corruption cases becoming together an increasing issue in any state, while constantly befitting the international few controlling the most).

And so we concluded that ComComizing is the systematical, particular and political solution for overcoming the anticipated problems we saw in the over-centralization process we carefully observed.
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