Helping People To Have Their Saving In Order, How?
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What if the investment company is a ComCom with big d of which c-holders are those who put in it their saving?

I believe that any CEO in such investment company could no longer try to gain only fast profit for the company, because that would not match the interest of the c-holders, assuming they are investing in it for long terms, when considering also that such an investment ComCom could never be completely be taken over, hence even handing it over as an (exclusive) exit strategy could never be considered as an option.

Please help ComComizing. Many would gain from that.

another argument:
If you are a yoyo what you are looking for is mainly what emphasis your ownership, that is what drive you to buy some tangible staff, but that could also drive you to be c-holder, especially as the c-holder mindset matches the new obama era.
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