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Solve what is emerged from this by govcomcomizing the intervention of governments (more in the manual).

Stop fed feeding banks and other forms of bailouts by GovComComizing!
It is time to fight the bailouts of the failures later to be privatized/sold!!! They (huge banks) must be held by peer owners if and when are to be bailout - help to resonate it - here is the GovComCom petition

GovComCom is a ComCom of which p-holder is our government and of which c-holders are the needy becoming the excuse or reason for the government to bailout big cooperation.

Those bailouts are (to be) payed on the account of the tax payer and so that bigger inflation, greater debt and.or low interest pushing toward new bubbles is the outcome. GovComCom is always better deal than any bailout. see it here from the business' point of view.

About the expressions: ComCom, c-holder and p-holder try here. Also see our arguments for ComComism and then Our 55 Structure which is How we make the Framework for all ComCom to evolve and finally join us here and/or in our mailing list govcomcom@googlegroups.com .

  • Let Central Banks know about ComComism, when they are seeking for instruments allowing better management of their risk of having too big players in their economy, because now they can reach their goal by pushing for govcomcom instead of privation or bailout and by pushing for reduction or elimination of tax request from any comcom of which d =1. We Ask Any Government and especially the Obama administration to
  1. declare a Tax Release for ComCom of which $d=1$, as they do for association.
  2. construct their exit strategy from their current intervening, so that the needy who become the reason for the intervention would, in the exit event, become the c-holder in the GovComCom being ComCom of which the Government being the p-holder would sell its share to the private hands.
  3. declare its position in regard to comcom, since we believe comcomizing is a good thing for the economy.

Now You Can Bring Your Government To Do What It Must Do After The Massive Bailout All Over the World and before the new ones to come!!! We believe it must be in from of GovComCom. We, the citizens from all over the world, are now seeking for any GovComCom solutions. And here is why: Any of the bailouts was unjustified unless by saying something like this: well, if we would not do that, then many would suffer much more, and so if this is the only reason, then those many becoming the excuse or reason for the government to bailout could be c-holders, since they are the only justified needy. These needy to become c-holders shall be then be in the new structuring of many big cooperation supported by our governments, such as banks etc.

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Please click this for sending your message by using this contact to President Obama: Because, He, they say there, is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. So in this url he lets To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff and so please let him/them know your opinion about GovComCom and ComCom and how he could help it to become by using that form there.

I ask for any of your comment on the GovComCom suggestion expressed here: http://iswith.wikidot.com/govcomcom

It is clear that ComCom can help to middle class and to better distribution of wealth and to fight the lobbies and that GovComCom can help in the intervention wave as we see it today, but what still left to be a mystery for some of us, is what position the current administration would take in regard to the ComCom.

If for some reason it is not clear for you , what is ComCom or GovComCom is, or Why should the administration get involve in such concepts, please let me try to help.

please drop a line, so i would know that you gut this message.
with my deep respect
Erez Elul

The only real way to fight the lobbies is by ComComizing the market!!!

For that the Gov can help in 2 ways:
1) GovComCom as a tool for its intervention and
2) letting ComCom of which d=1 be as associations are, meaning, taxed-free.

Without you, Obama alone CAN NOT move the necessary public opinion for creating GovComCom, for such movement requires an active weight pulling to that direction. This means that Obama can not govcomcomise unless you push him to it. Please use the contact to the President above and then use the-comcomists mailing list to coordinate with us all for making this active weight.

For making long be short: Now, after the heavy emission of the gov, now, as it is the time of absorption by gov as its means for both: fighting inflation and executing its exit strategy from it bailouts, the restructuring (of the financial system) must be for the benefit of the public (after such heavy absorption/emission). For achieving this the gov must consider in its exits strategy the structure of GovComCom and any one of us can help the gov to consider it. as a starting point for the structure of GovComCom please see this: http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/post/erezelul/gGGMmR

(this was a comment censored from http://blogs.reuters.com/commentaries/2009/06/05/dont-discount-inflation-just-yet/ )
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