[@G] GovComCom ReStructuring (for wise politicians)

GovComCom: For keeping the interests of all. using this agreement of partnership overr the common good, in such cases as, 'connecting people', central banks, banks or in any of the bailout/privatization cycle stations

What if any bailout would be given only after restructuring the institute in need, such that the people for whom the bailout is being made, would first become equal shareholders in that institute?

  • Make the nationalization or privatization to work for the mass of people which their need is (claimed to be) the reason for such act.

Here are some arguments.


From this pdf "The ComComizing social-caretakers structure allow peers migration between the small groups in comcom-users, while their big group (comcom-one) is maintained, as the satisfaction of the peers is transparent and being evaluated by peers-coins and the non-taxable migration of objects between divisions (being the smaller groups) is evaluated by object-coins. "

The ordinary people can takeover institutes such central banks and banks and networks of transportation, energy, communication, media and market by demanding before any privatization or nationalisation to first have the list of the ordinary people, which are claimed by the government to be benefited form such act , and then to demand that those ordinary people would become equal shareholders in the institutes planned to be bailed or sold out!

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