Get Organized For A Cause
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So you have a good reason to change things in this world and you need people to know about it and then you need them to do more about it, so you need to get be organized for something bigger then yourself and you know we live in a commercial world even when it has its political shell and you know that your change must take place in where we leave by commercial means (even just for reaching out to the pople living only in commercial world ).

Why not let your Cause be owned by your activists being c-holders in the ComCom of your Cause?
Why not let your Cause be in cooperation with those who have their foot in commercial world, which are p-holders in the ComCom of your Cause?

After figuring out those 2 questions you can also ask yourself where is your place (p or c) and what is the d of the ComCom of your Cause.
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