Developers Can Own The Comcom Business Having The Openness They Desire
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For developers and their users, business making from bottom-up can only be done by ComCom type of companies. Ownership is beyond although include profit making. Open source developers can own the ComCom business having the openness they desire in their development.

So you know the power of the open source/free software just because you use it and sometime you contribute to the community something while earning your leaving somewhere else, you get used to such dualism or schizophrenic approach in your daily work and you know that other like you do not contribute their best to the community, but then you have your own project, something you believe in, and you ask for investor, which in the end of the day will close the source on some servers.

What if the community is a ComCom (ComCom-Community) of which d=1, its c-holders are developers letting other to appreciate their work and it is also p-holder in other ComComs, each is a ComCom managing a specific project (ComCom-Project)?

What if developers (like you if you are not already a p-holder) are c-holders in such ComCom-Project allowing those who are not yet but you wish so much to become developers in the ComCom managing your own project?

Then what if, you would open your code diffidently to the ComCom-Community and to some choosen ComCom-Project and to the ComCom managing your specific project?

Then what if, the clients of your ComCom-Project being the user of the product of your specific code could view, use and modify the code, but only if and when they would also be c-holders in your your ComCom-Project and/or in some 3rd party businesses with which your ComCom-Project as a mature business would have some ownership relationship?

You (the p-holders with the c-holders) then would have your business having its advantage over the others but still also have an entry for any developer to contribute more to your project while gaining from your advantage and all that in addition to the ability to publish your individual work or your ComCom project (as one team) in the ComCom community, which would gain from being p-holder in all those CoCom-projects and then be much more powerful in front of the big ones intervening by donating here and there to some specific projects mainly for their benefit although still in the open community as it appears nowadays.

Such big ones as ibm, google microsoft etc, as you know, do not always share with you exactly the same set of preferences, but still have the power to determine the current of the development in your community.

It is for the above reasons that we strongly believe that we and hopefully you can and must practice ownership, otherwise someone else would do it instead of us/you, someone patronizing who we/you might blame for wrong doing but only from outside of the frame, if we/you are not the owner too.

If you wish to have the code used form the open-source/free-software community as it is, you can still run your ComCom for all its (other) benefits while respecting the licenses when providing yours.

At any rate please have a look on for-whom-is-the-knowledge-making-profit.
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