Mainly, when compared with similar private company, the disadvantage of Common Companies is in reduction of the control of its private shareholders, which can be moderated by adjusting the desired and transparent factors 'd', 'c' and policy, whereas the advantages are in any other desired aspect, including

  • increasing its market by being more attractive to its clients (able to be its shareholders), hence turning such shareholders-client to become one bringing other such clients,
  • flexibility with making partnership, especially when the company is young,
  • increasing the branding and quality of the service and products of the company by letting the clients be able to be involved in determining the service and products, where the clients share also the profit of the company and
  • the above aspects as being already proven by the Free Software/Open Source and the Web 2.0 strategics,
    • but without their necessity to be based
      • on having applications being closed in a server or
      • on advertising (being for-profit corporations seeking to increase virtual need or demand for their products or services )
    • and with additional features, such as
      • keeping the form and formation of the company including its attributions and preferences,
  • (since) d, indicating the private or common feature of the company, is vertical (i.e. d is an additional dimension) to how much of its source is open or close to the public domain, hence company can be either private or common delivering products of which source is either open or close,
    • i.e. d is vertical to the proportional amount of the company's source/knowledge being open in regard to its profit and out of all such source/knowledge - the open and the close.

So, now we can compare the Flow of ComCom vs the Private ones:

The Flow of companies: ComCom vs Private ones" align= "left

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