Comcom Is The Next Step In The Social Networking Market
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(please spread this, or better formulated than this,
under the subject: IsWith LTD in London is looking for partners in building ComCom networkings
to any one you know in the networking buzzing, so that we would all benefit from the growing ComCom networking :)

Can Social-networking at any scale be focused on the profit of its members from their long run cooperation in the networking? If you look on what facebook (beyond the bubble question) claims, you could find that they are trying exactly this direction. But then again, what is the profit of the members in facebook out of its new-increasing-worth in the market (which is based on their number/activities/loyalty etc) ? Well, maybe better interface, better deal-date making and with some/much more adds, but no more! (Relative to facebook's worth that is not much).

The problem with the nowadays social-networkings is that those platforms are financially based on adds (so then, whereto the focus could go, how long is the lifetime of the networking, what in it is the common and how the common from/to uncommon could flow?)!

Social-networkings do take our focus, but what are the other and better financial ways fitting to social-networkings, in other words what if the members could become shareholders in the provider of the platform? (and in which case could you tell what would be the preferences of its optional members and the value of the preferences of the existing ones?)

It is now made possible to regulate such behavior (wherein the member of the networking are also its shareholders) by distinguishing between 2 type of shareholders. We, the IsWith LTD in London at , now target both:
The investors - as private shareholders in the providers of any social-networking formed as ComCom and;
The members in the networking - as its common shareholders!!!

We are looking for partners establishing social-networking, where:
Our info is open and so is the strategy we take;
We provide consulting, change of the licensing from non-commercial to commercial one, but always with attribution and our networking is established not as a competing but as an additional player in the hit of attracting members.

Best regards,
Erez Elul

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