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Having the skills, idea/s, mission/s, ambition and/or a group or being an artist and/ or a developer, why do not you make your own common company and/or become a private or a common shareholder in such companies?

For making a Common company, have or initiate, by yourself or with your partners/friends (with cost of max 40 pounds), a Private company (such as IsWith Ltd for you ComCom social networking, 145-157 St John St, London, EC1V 4PY) and then as its private shareholder/s, with or without the intended to be common shareholders, define its d and let the Ltd company provide such Forum associated with such Mailing list:

  • to which subscribing is currently free,
  • of which members could become Private or Common shareholders of the Ltd company and
  • of which size (-the size of the list) could become a factor in negotiation
    • with other Privet shareholders and/or
    • with 3rd party providers of services.

Here you are provided with the formal and public staff related to the idea and the rest, including the practice, is provided at

The idea of Common Companies is derived from the constitution of its citizens, wherein

  • the states are treated similarly to the common portion of the common companies and
  • the shared common property owned by each citizen of such state is treated similarly to the shares owned by each Common shareholder.

Have fan. Decentralizing Human Systems is now in your hands, also in the commercial world.

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