The focus, the dream and the problem of centralized systems in which we are living (node/19)

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The Focus The Dream And The Problem

of us and of centralization in general and nowadays

The problem in (the momentum of) the focus: The advantage in centralized organizations, as in hierarchies, is always limited in the ability of such organization to fix for long term (statically and/or dynamically) the focus of the organization as a whole, but that exactly marks the disadvantage of any centralization as such, which sooner or later must reach the disadvantage of its unawareness to that which is ignored as being out of the focus of all the organization, therefore, centralization, when is useful, it is only for fulfilling well defined tasks in well defined context, time frame and timeline, hence always temporary, never as a total system or as a standing alone system, when the knowledge of all is yet not given. (e.g. of long term ignoring in the market system is when analysts of the market define the market as healthy regardless its bad distribution factor.)

Nowadays, the globalization is centralized and the centralization acts globally. As a result, when looking around and backward, what we see in the last ten years (or more) of overwhelming privatization, is

  • An increase of over centralization of the market as a whole mostly owned by less and less few;
  • An increase of dissatisfaction from local political systems, every where in the globe (for more about the dissatisfaction, please look under the labels: suppression, corruption and wars); and
  • An increase of both powers, namely: the hierarchies of technocrats from the inner side of; and lobbies sent by owners of the market from the outer side of the politicians, the media and/or judicial authorities, being pushed in their positions to be situated constantly in such a rush, which is proven to make them be increasingly unqualified for their decision making for our sake, (as we are learning more about the few critical mistakes being taken, but also as we know that, yet, only few of all the critical mistakes being taken are known to us).

If this is not your dream, if you believe some thing is very wrong with this trend, if you fear collapsing of this system is sooner or later to come and if you feel the need to change it, then decentralization in form of binding together the benefit with the responsibility of the decision makers in the most bottom or the most atomic elements of making decision, can be considered by you as a new dream or a trend to go into or be joining in.

In all the levels: a responsibility-for must come with some benefit-from, where the benefit and the responsibility shall fit each other, and in all the levels, regardless any benefit, even when it is demanded, responsibility would never emerge, if you can see that human as beings are mainly attempting to gain befite, where such benefit in their view is either located well or, when they are confused, deceived and/or uninformed, is dislocated.

Shareholders having equal share are exactly in the postion of being able to gain befite, but only with their responsibility, at least toward the others they are equal with, but then the few owning currently the most of the market determining our living, would lose their possessing over the market, as more of the market would be of common companies, of which d is bigger, since then, the only part they could ever possess would just be the private portion of Common Companies, hence then, the less of the market would be able to be centralized.

Now, If you are an artist, a developer and/or a researcher, then You are the one which creates or produces what the power players in the industry must have! Please hold this in your mind: You produce power.

Do not distance yourself, since it is all around you anyhow. It is your power and your responsibility, so please use it for what you believe is the best!

So, you can have a say as for the use of, and can have your justified profit from, your contributions to the commercial world, by becoming a Common or a Private shareholder in Common Companies holding some of your Intellectual Properties Rights, and you can begin doing that in (this) free networking of Organic Groups, since the mature state, in financial terms, of the Organic Groups appears naturally in the form of Common Companies, in which some of the contributions are measured equally and some are not.

But, how to be well organized in environment known only partly for achieving specific and/or general tasks?

It is precisely the feature of equality in organization, which provides its decentralization, which in return makes the organization be suitable better than due its centralization, if and when not all the necessary knowledge is given to the organization. This is the basic for natural systems, interneting and of the concepts of democracies, common knowledge and macroeconomic. And this is the reason for each of such Common Companies to have such measure of decentralization (the d) be defined (but only once) between 0 and 1, such that the equality in the structure of such common company provides its fluent interface and the unchangeability of the decentralization provides its stability and visibility.

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