An Open Letter To Cc List

Hello CC list,
this is additional call to the one (ComCom as part of CC) published in the iccomons!

Let me here introduce my self (Erez Elul) with my project (IsWith Ltd) promoting the concept of "Common Companies" at

( we may have CC vs ComCom for distinguishing between the Creative Commons as CC from the Common Companies as ComCom :-) ).

I am sure that some of you would find their grate CC interest also in the ComCom, so here are some entry points:
1) What is ComCom:
the concept including common-company-in-6-points
2) The new kind of formations (of cooperations) enabled by the ComCom:
formation in short
3) To what extant the ownership may last by forming cooperations in ComCom:

Also, let me now clarify my terminology calling the commercial company IsWith Ltd a "project". The reason I do so, is that this Ltd company is to be owned mainly (between 50% to 80%) by its Common shareholders and its clients must be also its shareholders, in this way the company is more like a community, since each such Common shareholder has equal share/say.

And here are some additional thoughts about the integration of ComCom with CC:

The main motivation for and the focus of IsWith Ltd is the decentralization by itself (for more please see this for-whom-is-the-knowledge-making-profit and this iswith_why ), its target market (of clients/common shareholders) consists of artists, developers and researchers and its service is of networking or of changing of licensing out of the networking.

IsWith Ltd currently has no budget and attempts to have more common shareholders, of which each pays only once $10, where such payment of other such shareholders will be increased by $1 with each entry of additional 55 such ones, until the payment reaches $100 (or the company would be 50% owned by common shareholders).

Last but not least and in reaction to Lawrence Lessig saying that

his "primary aim now is to put Creative Commons on a solid financial footing, to guarantee the next five years at least.That security will begin if we can meet the goal we have for this campaign — $500,000."

What could be more matching the desire of CC community than that the "solid financial footing" would be formed in ComCom?

Best Regards
with burning ass to start with you doing ComCom :-)
Erez Elul

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